World Health Day 2017 – Depression: Let’s Talk!

Every year, April 7 marks the anniversary of the foundation of the World Health Organization (WHO), and hence, it is celebrated as the World Health Day. The day draws the attention of the masses towards the importance of world health and how we, as individuals, must take care of our health in order to reduce the mortality rate and enhance life expectancy rate. World Health Assembly was first held in the year of 1948 in Geneva by WHO where it decided to dedicate April 7 as World Health Day. Numerous events related to specific themes are organized every year on this day on a national and international level in order to spread awareness about prevailing global problems and how they must be dealt with.

Since its establishment, WHO has addressed many serious health issues, including chickenpox, polio, smallpox, tuberculosis, and leprosy. This year, World Health Day focuses on depression – its anatomy, implications, complications and treatments.

World Health Day 2017 Theme – Depression: Let’s Talk!

Depression is a serious medical illness wherein an individual feels sad and gloomy for a persistent period, loses interest in activities that he/she normally enjoys and becomes incapable of carrying out day to day chores. In addition to this, people with depression syndrome experience symptoms such as loss of energy, a change in the appetite, sleeping less or more, reduced concentration less, anxiety, restlessness, feeling worthless, guilty, and even hopelessness.

Globally, about 350 million people belonging to all ages, suffer from this fatal illness. It typically causes mental anguish and impacts a person’s ability to think straight along with losing interest in carrying out basic activities.

Depression is treatable in nature, with or without the use of medicines. It asks for proper intervention and support of a specialized physician along with friends and family members. The WHO campaign focuses on adolescents, women of childbearing age, people above the age of 60 years. With this global campaign, WHO wishes to raise awareness about depression as sometimes warning signs or symptoms are misjudged or overlooked by family and friends.

Objective behind celebrating World Health Day

Primary objectives behind the celebration of World Health Day every year are as follows:-

  • To increase the awareness about various symptoms, causes and prevention’s of high blood pressure, and other related common diseases and infections.
  • To furnish detailed knowledge on how to prevent oneself against various diseases and their complications.
  • To encourage vulnerable groups to frequently go for check-ups, know about any potential illness that’s likely to affect them in future and take necessary care to avoid the complication.
  • To promote self-care among masses.
  • To motivate health and medical authorities worldwide to make efforts in creating fit and healthy environments in their nation.
  • To protect the families residing in disease-prone areas.
  • To enlighten the travelers and send them messages regarding how to stay protected against vector-borne diseases.

World Health Day essay focuses on increasing awareness amid people regarding diseases, infections, and conditions surrounding them. It encourage people to take charge of their lives – eat healthy, exercise regularly, steer away from uncanny activities such as excess smoking, alcohol consumption, depression, drug over doze, etc., and promote a hale and hearty lifestyle.


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